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Cannabis cultivators across the United States can save up to 20% on 6,000+ growing supplies – including lights, benches, fans, HVAC, nutrients and much more. Our team can help you finance large purchases, find energy rebates, and even help you with cash flow for your business.

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Business Financing

Financing to help your operation grow

Greenlight Distribution provides growers with working capital, equipment financing, real estate financing, and growth capital. As a direct lender to the industry, we provide working capital to maintain cash flow, finance upfront costs, manage your business, and deal with unexpected expenses.
Greenlight DIRECT Monthly Consumables Subscription Program
Introducing Greenlight Direct

Greenlight DIRECT is a monthly consumable subscription program for cannabis cultivators that automatically ships your nutrients and grow media to you each month. You always have exactly what you need, when you need it.

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What Our Customers Say

"Top shelf products with top shelf service. You can't grow right unless you do it with Greenlight"
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BAM Alaska
Winner of Best Hybrid
at The Cannabis Classic
"Greenlight has made our ordering/supply chain issues simply vanish within a few weeks of working with them."
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Maine cultivator, manufacturer & retailer
“They had EVERYTHING I needed for my facility at a price that no one else could touch.”
RMCF in Colorado
"A complete pleasure to work with. They have formed relationships with my company on so may levels."
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Community Gardens
Massachusetts cultivator