Titan Controls Ares Garden Heater

New Product! Titan Controls Ares Garden Heater

Best CO2 control ever
The new Ares Garden Heater is here

The brand new Titan Controls® Ares® Garden Heater is here! You can heat your grow rooms and manage and control CO2 better than ever.

The new Ares detects both oxygen and carbon dioxide, and controls the concentration of carbon dioxide when used in an unvented area.

When the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere is reduced to 18.0% or less, the built-in Atlas® CO2 Controller with Oxygen Shutoff Hardwire Controller automatically shuts off the Garden Heater.

When the oxygen concentration returns to 19.0%, the Controller automatically turns the Ares® Garden Heater back on and the combustion process resumes.

This is available in liquid propane and natural gas models. And it is ETL certified – the only CO2 heater on the market with this listing.


    • +40% CO2 output vs previous Titan Ares lineup
    • Hit 1500PPM in 17 mins (30x30x12 room) vs 30 mins with previous Titan Ares lineup
    • Output 41 cf/hr of CO2
    • CO2/O2 integrated controller auto stops unit when room is 18% oxygen or less
    • Heat shielded ignition module circuit
    • Built-in tip over switch auto stops unit in unlevel conditions
    • Viewing window for flame monitoring

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