CenturionPro SS Gladiator – Stainless Steel Trimmer (75 lbs/hr)


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The Gladiator SS is the GMP edition of the CenturionPro Gladiator. Constructed in 304 stainless steel and nickel-plated aluminum the SS Trimmers with Speed Control are built to meet industry compliance standards and surpass industry expectations. Featuring nitrided cutting blades, double sealed bearing chamber, and maintenance free food-grade stainless steel bearings the SS Trimmers will pass even the most rigorous of inspections. Built for large sized harvests with an hourly throughput rate of up to 75 lbs wet (15 lbs dry) for the Single Machine System and 270 lbs wet (54 lbs dry) for the Triple Machine Rail System. Additionally, CenturionPro machines are specially designed to use a dual-purpose hybrid tumbler to trim both wet and dry material for unprecedented versatility and value.

Weight 400.0000 kg
Dimensions 48.000 × 40.000 × 75.000 cm
Dim. Weight 1035.971
Volume 83.330
UPC 850019627206


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