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Why and how do people celebrate 4/20?

April 20th (or 4/20) is often considered a holiday for cannabis enthusiasts, and the origins of this tradition are somewhat unclear.

One popular theory is that 4/20 originated as a secret code among high school students in California in the 1970s. The story goes that a group of students who called themselves “the Waldos” would meet at 4:20 pm to smoke marijuana, and they used the term “4:20” as a code to refer to cannabis or to remind each other of their planned smoking sessions. Over time, the term spread beyond their circle and became a popular code word for cannabis consumption.

Another theory is that 4/20 is related to a police code for marijuana use. However, there is no evidence to support this theory, and it is likely a misconception.

Today, April 20th is celebrated as a day to enjoy cannabis with friends and to advocate for legalization and decriminalization of marijuana use. The day is often marked with festivals, concerts, and other events in cities around the world.

The ways people celebrate 4/20 can vary widely depending on personal preferences, location, and legal regulations. Here are some examples of how people might celebrate:

Smoking or consuming cannabis
This is perhaps the most common way people celebrate 4/20. Whether through smoking joints, pipes, or bongs, or by consuming edibles or concentrates, cannabis enthusiasts often use 4/20 as an opportunity to indulge in their favorite ways of consuming.

Attending events or festivals
Many cities around the world host events or festivals on 4/20 to celebrate cannabis culture. These can include concerts, comedy shows, educational seminars, and more.

Hanging out with friends
For some people, 4/20 is simply an opportunity to spend time with friends who share a love of cannabis. They might gather at someone’s home or head out to a park or other public space to enjoy the day together.

Advocating for legalization
For those who are passionate about the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana use, 4/20 can be a day to participate in rallies or other events that raise awareness about the benefits of legalization.

Creating cannabis-themed art or music
Some people use 4/20 as inspiration to create art, music, or other creative works that celebrate cannabis culture.

There are several cities in the United States that are known for hosting large 4/20 events each year.

Here are some examples:

Denver, Colorado
Denver’s Civic Center Park is known for hosting the annual Mile High Festival, which attracts tens of thousands of cannabis enthusiasts each year. The event features live music, vendors, and plenty of opportunities to consume cannabis.

San Francisco, California
The “Hippie Hill” area of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is a popular gathering spot for cannabis enthusiasts on 4/20. The city also hosts the annual 420 Hippie Hill celebration, which includes music, food, and vendors.

Seattle, Washington
Seattle’s annual Hempfest takes place each August, but the city also hosts a 4/20 celebration at Volunteer Park. The event features live music, food trucks, and vendors selling cannabis-related products.

Portland, Oregon
Portland’s Waterfront Park is known for hosting a 4/20 celebration each year. The event features live music, vendors, and a “stoner’s village” area where attendees can learn about cannabis culture.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas is home to the annual Cannabis Cup, which takes place each year in April. The event features competitions, exhibitions, and performances, and attracts thousands of cannabis enthusiasts from around the world.

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It’s important to note that while cannabis use is legal in some parts of the world, it remains illegal in others. It’s always important to follow local laws and regulations and to consume cannabis responsibly.

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