Price cut on Gavita LED grow lights

Big Spring Sale on LED Grow Lights

Price cut on our top Gavita LED grow lights

Spring has sprung, and with it comes a fantastic opportunity for all cannabis cultivators to save big on the best grow lights in the market! 

Here at Greenlight Distribution, we are excited to announce our LED Spring Sale Price Cut, which features amazing discounts on our top-of-the-line Gavita LED grow lights.

We have cut our already low prices on the Gavita 2400e, Gavita CT1930, Gavita 1700e, Gavita 900e and the Gavita UVR.

Here are samples of our limited-time price cuts:

Gavita Pro RS 2400e  
Our Top Competitor – $1,570
MSRP – $1,399
Our Website Price – $1099
Our Cultivator Club Price – $999
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Gavita CT1930e 
Our Top Competitor – $1,165
MSRP – $1,049
Our Website Price – $989
Our Cultivator Club Price – $899
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Gavita Pro 1700e  
Our Top Competitor – $650
MSRP – $699
Our Website Price – $604
Our Cultivator Club Price – $549
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Gavita Pro 900  
Our Top Competitor – $250
MSRP – $259
Our Website Price – $241
Our Cultivator Club Price – $219
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Gavita UVR LED
Our Top Competitor – $140
MSRP – $49
Our Website Price – $32
Our Cultivator Club Price – $29
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Gavita LED grow lights are an excellent choice for your indoor cannabis cultivation needs. With a range of cutting-edge features like adjustable spectral output, high output efficiency, and unparalleled uniformity, these lights are designed to give your plants the best possible growing conditions, leading to better yields, and higher quality buds.

During our Spring Sale, we’re offering some incredible price cuts on our Gavita LED grow lights, allowing you to save big while upgrading your setup. With discounts of up to 50% off MSRP, you’ll be able to purchase the best grow lights on the market at unbeatable prices.

What’s more, our Gavita LED grow lights are incredibly efficient, with a long lifespan and industry-leading warranties that ensure you get the most out of your investment. They are also eco-friendly, as they consume significantly less energy than traditional HID lights, reducing your electricity bill and your carbon footprint.

Gavita LED lights may also be eligible for multiple federal, state and local energy rebates. And Greenlight can help you find every qualifying rebate (talk to us before you purchase for maximum cash back rebates.

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Gavita Pro RS 2400e LED

Gavita 2400e
Are you looking for the ultimate LED grow light to take your cannabis cultivation to the next level? Look no further than the Gavita 2400e LED grow light, the pinnacle of indoor horticultural lighting technology.

With a staggering 2400 μmol/s light output and an impressive 2.6 μmol/J efficiency rating, the Gavita 2400e LED grow light delivers unparalleled levels of intensity and uniformity, providing your plants with the exact light spectrum they need to thrive and produce massive yields of high-quality buds.

Designed with cutting-edge features like a full-spectrum light output, adjustable spectral output, and precision optics, the Gavita 2400e LED grow light provides complete control over your plant’s growth and development, allowing you to tailor your lighting to your specific needs and achieve the exact results you’re looking for.

What’s more, the Gavita 2400e LED grow light is incredibly easy to use and install, with a simple plug-and-play design that makes it ideal for growers of all skill levels. And with a long lifespan and low energy consumption, this grow light is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

So why settle for subpar lighting when you can have the very best? Upgrade your cannabis cultivation game today with the Gavita 2400e LED grow light and experience the ultimate in indoor horticultural lighting technology.

Gavita 1930e LED promo

Gavita CT1930
The revolutionary new Gavita CT 1930e is the first LED that is a direct replacement for HPS. With a footprint designed to fit seamlessly in existing HPS layouts, the CT 1930e is a highly energy efficient LED delivering serious growing power. 

It’s designed to be a 1:1 layout replacement for the fixture that helped revolutionize the industry nearly three decades ago, the Gavita Pro 1000e DE HPS. Compatibility with wiring and electrical requirements for most indoor growing environments means this compact toplight is able to dramatically limit the cost and downtime required to convert facilities of every size. 

The CT 1930e delivers more crop-loving light in a broader spectrum at up to 20% energy savings than Gavita 1000 W DE and single ended HPS fixtures (based on average wattage of each fixture). Compatible with Gavita EL Master Controllers (sold separately) and most building automation systems. Patent-pending controller technology embedded within each fixture enables control of up to 2,000 fixtures per EL Master control channel and helps maintain unwavering output from light to light. If connecting to the Gavita EL1 or 2 controller purchase of HGC906717 or HGC906716 is required.

gavita 1700e

Gavita 1700e
With a light output of 1700 μmol/s and an efficiency rating of 2.6 μmol/J, the Gavita 1700e is one of the most powerful and efficient LED grow lights available on the market. It delivers a full-spectrum light output that provides your plants with the ideal spectrum of light for their growth and development.

The Gavita 1700e features adjustable spectral output, allowing you to customize the light spectrum according to your specific crop and growth stage. Additionally, the grow light’s compact design allows it to be mounted closer to your plants, increasing light intensity and improving penetration, leading to bigger yields and higher quality buds.

The Gavita 1700e is also incredibly easy to install and operate. With a plug-and-play design and user-friendly controls, you can have this grow light up and running in no time. Plus, with its low energy consumption and long lifespan, the Gavita 1700e is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice for any cannabis cultivator.

Gavita 900e LED Light

Gavita 900e
The Pro 900e LED is the solution for indoor growing environments where ceiling height and distance from canopy are paramount. Featuring the same performance and 8-bar configuration of our bestselling Pro 1700e LED, the 900e is a great fit for use in vertical racks, low rooms, over benches, or even in tents.

Push plants to their full potential with a fixture tailored to how you grow. At 900 µmol/s, this LED by the leaders in horticultural lighting delivers impressive amounts of crop-loving light without overpowering plants in your setup. And because it operates at 345 W with 2.6 µmol/j—half the power of our best-performing fixture—you get less ambient heat that has the potential to damage your crops at close proximity, and incredible energy efficiency. Great for your plants, great for your bottom line.


Gavita UVR LED
Gavita UVR LED 120-240V can be used as a stand alone LED or to boost UV input when used with full spectrum Gavita LED rail fixtures. The UV-A Supplemental LED fits directly into the chassis of the Gavita 1700e LED allowing for ease on installation and enhanced lighting.

Purchase now while our Big Spring Sale Price Cuts are in effect.
So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our Spring Sale and upgrade your cannabis cultivation game with the best Gavita LED grow lights at unbeatable prices. Our sale won’t last forever, so hurry and make your purchase today!

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