Greenlight Distribution Top Picks for 2022 LED Grow Lights

Our top picks for LED grow lights in 2022: The Gavita Pro 1700e, 900e, CT 1930e and Sun System RS1850

Greenlight Distribution has named its 2022 Top Picks in the grow light category for commercial cannabis cultivators.

 For 2022, Greenlight’s experts recommend the Gavita Pro 1700e and its little cousin the Gavita Pro 900e. Also on the list are the Gavita CT 1930e and the Sun System RS1850.
“All of these models rank at the top of our list for their performance, energy efficiency, quality construction and – most importantly – their proven results in the grow room,” said Erik Elder, Greenlight Distribution’s Director of Sales.
These are our top LED lights for cannabis cultivation.
Gavita Pro 1700e

The Gavita Pro 1700e

The Gavita Pro 1700e has been one of the top-rated LED lights for the last two years. It is no surprise that it made Greenlight’s list for 2022.
Commercial cannabis cultivators give it high marks for the excellent cannabis it delivers. The experts at Greenlight cited the Pro 1700e’s power, uniformity of light, and high-quality manufacturing.
“We like a lot about the 1700e,” said Erik Elder, Greenlight Distribution’s Director of Sales. “The Gavita Pro 1700e is powerful but produces almost no heat thanks to the open bar design that minimizes heat buildup above the canopy. This lets cultivators place the fixture close to the canopy to maximize PPF and cut their cooling costs.” 
The fixture operates at 645 watts, yet puts out 1700 umols of uniform intense light throw. It is incredibly efficient at 2.6 umols per watt and has proven to increase yield for full term plant growth.
In addition, the 1700e is dimmable to 50% without any loss of efficiency using the Gavita E-Series LED Adapter and Gavita Master Controllers. Cannabis cultivators can link up to 500 fixtures for each controller port with Gavita’s Repeater Bus Control Interface.
Gavita Pro 900e

The Gavita Pro 900e

Greenlight Distribution also likes the Gavita Pro 900e LED grow light, the “little cousin” of the powerful Pro 1700e. The smaller Pro 900e operates at 345 watts and produces 900 umols PPF.
It is a perfect solution for indoor cannabis growing environments where ceiling height and distance from canopy are paramount. The Gavita Pro 900e features the same efficacy of 2.6 umols per watt and the 8-bar configuration of the best-selling Pro 1700e LED. The 900e is a great fit for use in vertical racks, low rooms, over benches, and even in tents.
This broad-coverage, full-spectrum light source is ideal for the requirements of the vegetative stage of cannabis cultivation.
Gavota CT1930e

The Gavita CT1930e

 The Gavita CT 1930e LED grow light made Greenlight’s list because it is the first and only LED that is a direct replacement for HPS (high-pressure sodium) lighting units.
With a footprint designed to fit seamlessly in existing HPS layouts, the CT 1930e is a highly energy efficient LED that delivers serious growing power.
Sun Systems RS 1850

The Sun System RS1850

Greenlight’s fourth Top Pick for 2022 is the uniquely foldable RS 1850 LED unit from Sun System.
The Rail System (RS) 1850 LED is a 6-rail, foldable LED producing 1850 μmol/s with an efficiency of 2.5 μmol/j. This fixture is wet-rated and comes complete with a manual digital dimming button and an internal embedded smart controller that is compatible with the Gavita e-Series Controller.
The Sun System RS 1850 utilizes top-bin Sun System brand diodes to produce a full-spectrum light source. The unit’s uniform light distribution, convenient foldable design and impressive energy efficiency make it an easy recommendation for cannabis cultivators.
“All of our top picks for 2022 also qualify for significant energy rebates, making them attractive investments for cannabis cultivators,” said Erik Elder, Greenlight Distribution’s Director of Sales.  “Cultivators can utilize Greenlight Distribution’s expertise to get a thorough and transparent assessment and forecast capital equipment and operational expenses for 2022.”

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