GreenBroz Rise ConveyorGreenBroz Rise Conveyor

GreenBroz Rise Conveyor


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GreenBroz provides industry-born, American-made systems that streamline post-harvest production.

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Process More. Faster.

The GreenBroz Rise Conveyor represents a further step in automating your harvest process, boasting continuous and metered feeding to various machines in your harvest process, further improving the efficiency of your harvest process.

Easy to move from machine to machine, the Rise Conveyor holds up to 15 pounds at a time and, when paired with our Sorter, allows you to sort 5+ pounds per minute.

GreenBroz has paired the Rise Conveyor with other machines like the Precision Sorter to create harvest systems that reduce your investment cost (compared to buying machines individually) while dramatically increasing the efficiency of these machines.


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