Alchemist pH Down Non-Corrosive Gallon (4/Cs)

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Alchemist pH Down is comprised of very pure, food-safe ingredients. This unique buffer is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-hazardous, making it like no other pH buffer on the market. Alchemist pH Down Non-Corrosive will not increase the conductivity of your nutrient solution or add any minerals. Because it won’t add any nutritional value, pH Down will not cause imbalances to your fertilizer formula like traditional buffers. Quickly and easily adjust any feed solution to the right range to help maximize nutrient availability. Very concentrated formula that is a great alternative to harsh mineral acids. This formula is biodegradable.

Weight 10.2330 kg
Dimensions 8.100 × 4.900 × 10.500 cm
Dim. Weight 2.998
Volume 0.240
UPC 849969028485


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